Trippy Flip Milk Chocolate

Trippy Flip Chocolate is one of the most popular psychedelic chocolate bars in the market. Buy Trippy flip chocolate bars online at the best prices only at the official website. 

Trippy flip milk bar is quite similar to other psilocybin chocolate bars such as one up mushroom bar and polkadot chocolate bars but pack an extra punch. People who have consumed trippy flip say they experienced full body high and hallucinations. The hallucinations (trip) is the reason this psychedelic mushroom chocolate bars have their names.

trippy flip chocolate bar

Mushroom Chocolate Bars

About Trippy Flip Chocolate Bars

Trippy flip milk bars are psychedelic chocolate bars that where first made in 2020. They consist of chocolate, milk and psychedelic mushroom. The exact mushroom strain is a company secret. This chocolate bars quickly rose in popularity due to the increasing in microdosing especially amongst the american and canadian youth. 

There are several other mushroom chocolate bars quite similar to the trippy flip chocolate bars such as one up mushroom bars, polkadot chocolate bars, mr mushies and many more. However, what makes the trippy flip bars different is the potency of the mushroom strain used. This strain has very strong hallucinogenic effects and induces long lasting trips.

Where To Buy Mushroom Chocolate Bars

There are so many places online claiming to sell authentic trippy flip chocolate bars but most of these aren’t legit. We recommend you purchase from the official trippy flip chocolate bars website. Here we access to large stock of trippy flip bars and also direct contact with manufacturers of other mushroom chocolate bars such as one up mushroom, polkadot and many more. Buy trippy flip chocolate bars online today.

Medical Benefits Of Trippy Flip Bar

Trippy flip bar has been one of the most rapid growing micro dosing products across many countries such as the US,CANADA,GERMANY and the UK. Being consumed mostly by youths and working population, it has been proven to be of great help medicinally by medical experts. It has rapidly grown in popularity such that even the CDC has strongly recommended the legalisation of these psychedelic chocolate bars as medication. Trippy flip chocolate helps to promote eneryg,immunity and vitality in ones self as a result of its great medical benefits. Each mushroom species has its own unique medical benefits naturally, helping in wellness, sport performance, sexual stimulation and excitement to name a few. In recent studies by medical experts, micro dosing has been applauded for its great impact in stimulating the synthesis of NERVE GROWTH FACTOR thereby improving the normal functioning of nerve cells. Here at Trippyflipofficial we emphasize on the consumption of psychedelic mushroom products. Some of our mushroom chocolate brands involve trippy flip bars, oneup mushroom chocolate,good trip chocolate bars,wonka bars,polkadot chocolate bars,meraki milk chocolate that are making waves recently. Here at Trippyflipofficial we ensure to bring the best satisfaction and pleasure to all our lovely clients.

The Origin of Trippy Flip Chocolate(Rick and Morty Chocolate Bars)

The inspiration for making trippy flip bars was inspired by the Rick and morty cartoon created by Justin Roiland. In this animated American cartoon Kenten Bowick a leading cartoonist discovered that his childhood best friend was reviving his favorite Candy bars “Rum and Butter” to cheer up a sad boy who just broke his phone. This American animated science-fiction cartoon series inspired the creation of the trippy flip chocolate bar which has grown to popularity in recent years. With the rapid growth in microdosing among the American youths, Rick and Morty chocolate bar has been one of the most popular sought after shroom chocolate  online mainly due to the popularity gotten from its animated cartoon. If you intend to turn to the psychedelic world for new comers, shroom chocolate edibles like trippy flip chocolate bar are a good recommendation to try.